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Elma, our founder, is originally from Cork, Ireland. After moving to London, and then Amsterdam for 8 years, she is now back and based in East London.

With over twenty years of experience in Global HR, Elma knows what it takes for employees to work smart and work happy. She has developed strategy and grown satisfaction with Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and other household names.

Parallel London has been recognised for the enthusiasm at the heart of the projects we deliver, and our transparent approach. We focus on getting results for commercial businesses, with a mission to strip away the barriers holding back their teams.

Our clients are based across the globe with offices in London, Singapore, Melbourne, New York and Amsterdam. 



Parallel London offers a full umbrella service for your people's needs.


We help reduce some of the stress you might be experiencing, ensuring compliance, and offering a helping hand - working in parallel with your business.

We remove the jargon when it comes to complex issues regarding your business. We make sure you get the best advice and support to help drive your brand.


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